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C4max ?

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
I can tell you that, in my more than ten years with Antennas Direct, I've had to replace the reflectors on exactly on 91XG. Ironically, it was my own antenna installed on a home that I sold a couple of years ago. A tall, spindly oak tree about 30' from the house came over and slapped the tail end of the antenna during a windstorm.

BTW, your location per the chart, is ideal for one of our C4MAX antennas. Bi-directional right out of the box. I've been recommended reflector-less C2V and C4V antennas for your area along the state line for a long time with very good results.

Removing the reflectors eliminates about 3 dB of insertion loss from using a splitter as a combiner plus the problems with phase cancellation is eliminated. The potential drawback is an increased susceptibility to multipath.
AD Tech, thanks for the great advice.

I haven't had the chance to see how bad the damage is to my XG91, I just see the reflector hanging, I guess by the coax? So far good reception.

I'll look into the C4MAX. They look like the windload is low.

Funny, I was driving through Kenosha WI, I saw this array:

I know it's not the MAX, but someone got crafty. Actually, I've seen a few of these array near the state line as you say.

And, I thought I saw two C4MAX's combined, somewhere. Easily distinguished by no reflectors, correct?

I always thought they were novelty antennas and overlooked them.
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