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The XG91 reflector is like garden fence. And not very well fastened either.
I can tell you that, in my more than ten years with Antennas Direct, I've had to replace the reflectors on exactly on 91XG. Ironically, it was my own antenna installed on a home that I sold a couple of years ago. A tall, spindly oak tree about 30' from the house came over and slapped the tail end of the antenna during a windstorm.

BTW, your location per the chart, is ideal for one of our C4MAX antennas. Bi-directional right out of the box. I've been recommended reflector-less C2V and C4V antennas for your area along the state line for a long time with very good results.

But, I also see a lot of 8 bays these days. Some masts have two 8 Bays usually one pointing north and one south.

But what's the deal with removing the reflectors?
Removing the reflectors eliminates about 3 dB of insertion loss from using a splitter as a combiner plus the problems with phase cancellation is eliminated. The potential drawback is an increased susceptibility to multipath.
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