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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
I like your idea of the two coax cable to each TV, not that hard to do.
It's my favorite; inexpensive, simple, and reliable.
But, as always, I have rethought the situation. Buying an expensive "box" to block certain signals would be a great idea, but you say expensive. How expensive?
Thousands of $$$$$ for single channel amplifiers, modulators, balancing attenuators, and a combiner.

If there was an easy inexpensive way to do it, CATV systems wouldn't have to do this:

Is there still such a thing as a "omni directional" antenna?
Yes, an Omni receives poorly in all directions. It works OK at some locations.
I drive around different towns doing business and I always look up at the rooftops. I still see those antennas.
Yeah, I'm thinking of the UFO type.

But, I also see a lot of 8 bays these days. Some masts have two 8 Bays usually one pointing north and one south.

But what's the deal with removing the reflectors?
Removing the reflector from an 8-bay or 4-bay, makes it bi-directional to receive from the front and rear; just what you might need.

Would it just be easier to use something that is more omni directional?
Easier? Yes. Effective? Probably not.

Why don't you put up an Omni to satisfy your curiosity.
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