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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
The best method for you would depend upon how many TVs you have and how many channels you want from both directions (and how much money you are willing to spend). If you want a lot of channels from both directions all combined in one coax, you would have the equivalent of a CATV or cable system. This would involve single channel amplifiers, modulators, and a combiner; very expensive.

Using the custom filters approach has limitations. If you want a lot of channels, you would need many custom filters, and they would have an insertion loss that would affect the weaker channels. Also, there are limitations with adjacent channels. A notch filter for a channel will affect the adjacent channels. Don't forget, many TVs can edit out a channel you don't want by going into the channel menu.

If you want just a few channels from one direction to add to the coax from the main direction, you could add some tuners and modulators to insert them in unused UHF channels. They would be analog and not HD digital, but analog can look better than compressed 480i digital.

Analog can look better than this compressed 480i digital:

The method I favor for your situation would be to run two coax lines to each TV, one for each antenna system. At each TV there would be an A/B switch to select which antenna is desired. If the TVs are not able to add a channel after scan, it would be necessary to rescan after changing direction. To avoid that, you can connect the main antenna to the TV antenna input and connect the other antenna to a separate tuner with its output connected to the TV aux input. With HDMI it could be HD.

Thanks for the advice. It looks like my XG91 got damaged this winter. The lower rear reflector is just hanging by what looks like the coax, surprisingly, the reception is still good. Now, I have to get back up the mast some how and service the XG-91.

I have to say, that I'm not impressed with the XG91 durability. My HDB91X seems more solid, at least in the reflector area. The XG91 reflector is like garden fence. And not very well fastened either.

I like your idea of the two coax cable to each TV, not that hard to do.

But, as always, I have rethought the situation. Buying an expensive "box" to block certain signals would be a great idea, but you say expensive. How expensive?

The other idea I have is …

Is there still such a thing as a "omni directional" antenna?

I drive around different towns doing business and I always look up at the rooftops. I still see those antennas.

But, I also see a lot of 8 bays these days. Some masts have two 8 Bays usually one pointing north and one south.

But what's the deal with removing the reflectors?

The reason I ask is that I don't see a lot of co-channels on my TV Fool report:

Well, there are a few.

Just rethinking the whole plan since I have to get up and fix the array.

Would it just be easier to use something that is more omni directional?

Thanks, Bob

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