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Omni directional antennas allow interfering signals from all directions, including multipath reflections. Folks with +20 dB and higher NM values often experience reception reliability problems, not due to weak signal levels, but due to the omni antenna's inability to reduce interference received.

If you go with an omni, your hope of seeing any US signals is nil. US signal reception calls for the largest, high gain antenna or combination of antennas. They need a clear view south, free of trees and obstructing structure(s). If your reception report is accurate, a clean, interference free signal with an NM of -13.4 dB in the air will need every bit of antenna gain available in the highest performance antenna available. The 17.4 dBi specified for the DB8E is theoretically enough to get you above the absolute minimum threshold.

The combination of an Antennas Direct DB8E + Antennacraft Y10713 is what I would use to try for the US signals. I'd try to have realistic expectations though.
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