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I've got no personal experience with this product. The Specifications sound generous but plausible. If accurate, I suspect they are based on the peak gain in a given band and probably referenced to dBi with the balun and SWR losses ignored. (A fairly common practice in the advertising departments of most antenna manufacturers.)

The current UHF band in North America spans CH-14 to CH-51, so the design is a bit dated.

The price looks reasonable.


VHF: 54~230MHz
UHF: 470~862MHz
VHF: 2-13
UHF: 14-69
Impedance: 75 ohm
Range: ~ 75 Miles
No. of elements: 9
VHF: 6dB
UHF: 10d
Front to Back Ratio: 7-15d
Beam width:
VHF: H50
UHF: V60
Antenna Length: 41 Inches
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