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The following station are now broadcasting in digital:
CJEO-DT Edmonton
CKES-DT Edmonton
CFCM-DT Quebec City
CKAL-DT-1 Lethbridge

The following stations are now broadcasting exclusively in digital:
CKMI-DT-1 Montreal
CIHF-DT-3 Moncton
CIHF-DT-14 Charlottetown
CICO-DT-32 Windsor
CICO-DT-59 Chatham
CICA-DT Toronto
CICO-DT-53 Belleville
CICO-DT-92 Cloyne
CJIL-DT Lethbridge
CHCH-DT-2 London
CITV-DT Edmonton
CIII-DT-7 Midland
CIII-DT-41 Toronto (both 65 and 41 are running)
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