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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Notice that signal strength alone does not determine signal quality[/B][/I]. Something to think about before you run out and buy an amplifier hoping it will do the antennas job for you.)
Sorry I am bringing this up, but it got me to thinking about the whole amplifier thing. I have had some suggestions on possibly getting and amplifier in my situation from some people I know around here. I never gave it much thought and was just going to go with the suggestion I received from GroundUrMast. Now that I have a little more insight to what the software is showing, I might be able to understand it a little more. Is there a way to manually add the channel that is not being picked up by the HDHR? I am curious to what it is doing. My TV shows the channel pop to about 30 (out of 100) for second, and I have been able to see something on that channel randomly.
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