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Just wondering if you ever got the problem worked out. It certainly appears that you should be able to get the 10 and 23 channels fairly easily. I didn't see the 47.1.
It appears as though you do not watch or maybe cannot receive the channel 8.1 which is the only VHF station you are trying to receive. It would most likely reduce effect of wind if you did not need the larger portions of the antenna that would only be for VHF.

Although you are fairly close to the antenna locations the signals are relatively weak.

I have personally had good luck with the televise databoss LR for weaker signals and I believe many utilize the antennas direct 91 xg
with success.

If you cannot get the channel 8 VHF and want to get it for FOX you could try with either other UHF/VHF antennas or combine a dedicated cannel 7-13 VHF antenna

Since you have a rotor the higher gain narrower beam antennas should not be a problem but still may work largely without rotation

It does sound like the problem may be more with connection corrosion or degrading amp or coax from the history especially since moving things or reconnecting etc seems to help things. One thing easy to overlook is the balun connection to the antenna which may be inside a box on antenna on several models.

Good luck solving your problem
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