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ATSC 3.0 does anyone know how many subs can fit on a single channel frequency?

I have been looking around a bit and find a lot of information on the physical layer and that 2 channels can be bonded to exploit new features...

But I have not found details on what we can expect as to
how many channels can fit on a channel frequency.

such as today you can fit a number of 1080 720 and then more 480p subs on the same channel frequency... and with 4k to be introduced I was wondering how much that will eat.

I am actually in the process of converting my archive of dvrd shows from
h264 to h265 so I understand the new codec will save 40% or more in data

Are we expected to see about the same number but the resolution will increase?

can 4k even support sub channels at that data rate...

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