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Thanks for the sketch. It gives me a good idea of what you are doing.

I've never seen anything like that before, but understand why you call it multi-folded dipole. Glad to hear you are getting good results, but most any antenna will work in a strong signal area.

Someone who is good at computer modeling could analyze your antenna for performance. I don't do modeling but use a test setup to compare a new antenna with a know standard antenna using a steady OTA signal and an A/B switch to rapidly change between the two antennas and get signal strength readings on my signal level meter that is calibrated in dBmV.

Constructed one with five repetitions using small caliber copper wire and put in my attic. Receives all local channels but signals are strong at 25 feet AGL from 44 to 74 db.
May I see a tvfool report for your location?

What are you using to give you those dB readings?
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