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thanks for the replies!!
Was able to order to order the handbook through Amazon used for $32 including shipping.
Please pardon the crude, kindergarten sketch done hastily but may give you a flavor for what I was trying to describe.
One contiguous loop with a 33inch top dropping at 90 degrees for 3 inches and returning horizontal for 16 inches with one inch gap in between. 16 inches is the current director length I have measured for combo 7-51 antennas on the VHF side. The 3 inch distance arrived at as distance between the tips of UHF array and are closed in on 8 bay mods. The balun added at the bottom when done with the amount of repetition that you desire. Lots of surface area but have no clue about any or all design ramifications. Constructed one with five repetitions using small caliber copper wire and put in my attic. Receives all local channels but signals are strong at 25 feet AGL from 44 to 74 db.
Many thanks for indulging this novice.
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