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thank you for all the replies!!
Size is the inverse of frequency hence the size of the VHF-hi GH evidenced by the photo.
Optimum director diameter is determined by cost/mechanical load and bandwidth.
The DIY antennas don't seem to focus on wire size and in areas of strong signal, a paper clip can interestingly suffice. May I conclude that antenna design is far more influential in achieving gain and diameter size of directors and /or active element minimal or negligible ?
Please comment on a hypothetical antenna setup that may tie in my questions ( or maybe not)
Assume a 50 foot mast or tower that is 25 foot above roof line so there is 25 feet of available signal capture.
A multi-folded dipole is configured with a horizontal length corresponding to the current hi-VHF director length that then drops vertically at 90 degrees for a 3 inch distance similar to "closing the gap" on 8 bay mods for UHF. A one inch gap is at each fold of the dipole. The array ends in a standard balun with a contiguous multifolded dipole with no phasing.
Can a dipole be folded infinitely (within reason) , optimize surface area for signal capture and gain, and be effective for both UHF and VHF?
What factors have I missed or minimized?
Have excluded weight, aesthetics, cost, wind resistance--just a hypothetical.
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