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Antenna design

As you may know from previous posts, I am not an engineer but have had basic physics courses and got interested in antennas and reception with the digital switch.
It would appear to this novice that there are two basic types of high gain antennas. Yagis representing a single horizontal plane antenna that use directors to bend and concentrate signal onto a basic active element. The second class would be those that collect signal by shear surface area as represented by the 8 bays and parabolics.
First question is why are all high gain VHF antennas of the Yagi style (with the exception of the C5)? There appears to be no modern high surface area antenna for VHF.
Second question--can anyone direct me to a novice reference on antenna design that won't require an engineering degree? I have read most of the forums and Ken Nist HDTV info with some semblance of understanding but would like to know more.
Looking forward to your replies!
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