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Indoor/Outdoor Antenna suggestions

Hi everyone,

I've cut the cord some months ago. Lived quite happily so far, until recently decided to give TV another chance. Mainly because of a pregnant girlfriend needing some brainless tv
I read a few guides online and decided to try an indoor antenna, with poor results so far tough. No matter how I place it, I am able to get 2-3 channels each time, up to 8/9 total so far.

Here's what I have as antenna (planning to return it, asap!):

Here's my report:

The TV is quite close to a large window, so I suppose I could place something right on it.
I have been focusing on indoor so far, but realized that there's already a series of holes going through the rooms, with which I could easily consider an Outdoor antenna over the balcony. Second floor, as pretty much every other building in the close surroundings.
I do not expect or need to get all the available channels, but having a reasonable selection would be more than enough.

Accepting any sort of suggestion. Thanks!!
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