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ION will most likely not be received reliably with a NM(dB) signal strength number of minus -14.6 .

At tvfool , you can Test different antenna heights , make tvfool radar reports with the different antenna heights , higher and lower , get the NM(dB) number in to the single digit negative numbers or better yet , into the single digit or double digit positive numbers.


The South East direction has the same and More receivable Networks then the north east direction.

And the the Very Strong Signal Strength Tv station/channels from the north east will also be received with a antenna aimed south east.


Above the Peak Of The Roof in such a manner that reception is not blocked by the roof and house in the directions of , south east and north east.

Install a Winegard HD7698P antenna aimed at about 130 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Here are some roof top antenna mounts. , use the 5 foot or 7 foot antenna mount. , use the #4560.

Buy the ronard antenna mounts at sloidsignal by typing the word ronard in the solidsignal search box or buy from ronard.


Here are some places to buy antennas and ect. .


Install a Antennas Direct CPA-19 preamp.


For 1 Tv connected use No splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a , HFS-2D , 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a , HFS-3D , 3 way splitter.

Buy the HFS splitters at , , or ,


As always , trees and tree leaves , plants and plant leaves , do a good job of , absorbing , multi-path/reflecting , blocking , OTA=Over The Air Digital Broadcast Tv Reception and so do buildings and other obstructions including your own roof and house.

It is best to install the HD7698P antenna at a location that has the least amount to no amount of obstructions of any type or kind in the directions of reception including your own roof and house.


The Tv's Must Channel Scan for the Digital Broadcast Tv Channels , often named the 'Air Channels' or 'Antenna Channels' in the Tv Setup Menu because the Tv transmissions travel through the Air from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

Some Digital Tv's will Automatic channel scan for cable tv channels.

DO NOT channel scan for cable tv channels.

Go into the Tv Setup Menu and select , 'Air Channels' / 'Antenna Channels'.

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