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Antenna selection/setup for towers 80 degrees apart

I am new to setting up antennas and would like some help figuring out the best antenna and setup. I will mount the antenna 30 feet high on top of the house and use the former Satellite coaxial and hopefully the same spitter. I just bought a Clearstream 4 to try out, but not sure if I need to get something different. I did an indoor check with 25 feet of cable, and it would be great to get some help on the evaluation.

I am mainly interested in 5 channels that range up to 80 degrees apart. It appears the channels of interest are (real) 13(ABC), 19(FOX), 11(PBS), 46(NBC), 8(CBS) which are 64, 137, 133, 56, 140 degrees, respectively (some UHF and VHF). I set up the antenna inside the house pointing out a 2nd story window at ~45 degrees mag. This actually worked good for several channels including 13 and 19 which are ~60degrees apart, but no channel 46 or 8. Outdoors will likely get it. I was surprised this antenna indoors got 13 and 19 that are that far apart. Perhaps this antenna will be fine for me after I get it up on the roof.

From the roof, I need to push the signal to 2 TVs. Distance from the roof to my current splitter (from cancelled satellite service) is 80 feet, then 20 foot to one TV and 80 foot to the other TV.

Thanks in advance for any help on antenna, angle to point, amplifer needs, or anything else I am not thinking of.

In a perfect world, I would also like to get the ION channel 44 which is further out at 69 miles at 124 degrees. Any thoughts on feasability?
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