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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Atmospheric conditions change constantly which can cause a great deal of variation in signal levels, particularly when signals are traveling long distances. I suspect that, together with the fact that your existing antenna is not designed to receive UHF explains why the UHF signals from Memphis are visible on occasion.

At this point, it's up to you...

Do you think the existing antenna is serviceable? if so, adding a large UHF antenna and preamp is worth considering.

If you think the existing antenna is in need of replacement you can replace it with a large all channel antenna. Or, a large UHF and separate VHF. A preamp is still going to help deliver the hard won signal to your set.

In either case, if you have safe access to a higher mounting location, you may gain signal strength. You can always run more TV Fool Reports at other antenna heights.
i would say this antenna is about 20 years old and its huge. i have tried different heights and as i went up the signal got worse on all channels (thought it would get better) i do have a pre-amp now. i should have said this earlier but, i really can't spend alot of money. thats why i was looking at the Winegard HD-9032. if i did get another combo antenna i was looking at this one but it says uhf range is 35 miles and i need a 70 mile range. my pre amp is the AntennaCraft 10G212.
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