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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Yes, I recommended a large all channel antenna... prefaced with "If I were starting from scratch, using the 25' AGL signal predictions..." I later edited the post to include my reasoning.

To be honest, noise on the low-VHF band and co-channel interference from the opposite direction make me think that the HD8200U has very little chance of reliable reception to the NBC affiliate WMC-DT, real CH-5. If there is a better NBC option, I've missed it.

Even a pair of cut-to-channel Yagis, stagger stacked to maximize the F/B ratio may not be enough to 'get' WMC-DT.

It's OK for anyone to agree or disagree with me. Please be polite and professional either way.
its ok . i'm just taking in all this info and i appreciate it!
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