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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
Try WMFP. It was announced recently that there will be an NBC simulcast on subchannel 60.5.
No luck with WMFP either.

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Aren't there any other options for NBC? What does your tvfool report look like?
Here is my report.

Contrary to the results I can NOT get WWLP at my current height even if I point my AntennaCraft (Y5-7-13) right toward it. There is also a hill directly that way. Normally I use this VHF only antenna for WNAC and keep it aimed that way.

The report is also off with most of the stations in yellow other than WUNI I can not pull in even rotating my antenna. Stations in red on the report like WCVB & WBZ come in the best and are generous with aiming.

The only other NBC station that I can sometimes get is WJAR and that requires aiming my UHF antenna in the direction of WNAC and even then the signal is not consistent. I also lose the Boston stations like WCVB.

Think I will need to add a second UHF antenna and rig something up in the hopes of getting WJAR?

I am sure it will do little good but I plan to write to the FCC as well about this. I am pretty upset that I now may lose my NBC coverage.
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