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Originally Posted by Witty1 View Post
I plan to run 2 TVs. The cable run is a good question. I would like to utilize the cable in the walls (home is < 5 years old so I believe it will be higher quality cable), but this will give me longer cable runs. Best guess is both runs will be 50-75'.
OK. Just so you know, you will lose some signal over long cable runs, and you will also lose some signal when you split it (because only a portion of the signal power goes down each branch of the split).

A 2-way split and ~75 feet of coax seems doable because your signal strengths are so high to begin with. However, if the signal gets divided even more ways (maybe a 1:4 or 1:8 splitter is used to reach every room of the house) or if the cable loss start to become too great, you may need to consider adding a distribution amp to the setup just before the splitter.

Simple thing to do is to try it without the amp first. If you discover that you're losing too much signal for some of the channels, you can always add the amp later.
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