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Originally Posted by Witty1 View Post
While I am close to some of the broadcasts, I am slightly worried about elevation (hill between me and the towers), trees, and the two different directions of the towers.
Assuming that you got the right location in your tvfool report, then it looks like things are pretty good. You are right that there is a hill between you and the towers to the east (the "1Edge" and "2Edge" labels indicate that the signals must bend over a peak or two to reach you). However, there is still enough signal strength left over to give you something very usable.

Any antenna recommendations based upon the radar/description?
Since your signals are so strong and coming from two directions, I'm thinking that a relatively small/simple antenna like the Winegard HD1080 would work. If you put it on your roof and point it at a compass heading of 87 degrees, you will probably have a strong enough signal coming from KCPQ and KTBW that they can be picked up through the "back" of the antenna.

How long do you think the cable run would be from your roof to your TV(s)? Do you plan to split the signal to multiple TVs?

I honestly don't think it will be that difficult to get the channels you want. In fact, I suspect that you will probably get most of the channels down into the "yellow" channels on your list.
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