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Originally Posted by Wolfpack7 View Post

Next, here's the issue. Both WVBT (Fox 43.1) and WAVY (NBC 10.1) are 24.3 miles away at 191 Magnetic.

WAVY comes in beautifully (except when the planes fly directly overhead) as do all my other local channels. WVBT? No so good. It comes in sporadically, if at all.
Any suggestions?
Step 1, remove the splitter and connect the antenna to only one TV set, test for WVBT. If it improves, an amplifier may help. I'm betting that it won't.

Step 2, try the same thing with the second TV set.

Step 3, try a 6-10 db attenuator before the splitter, and see if that helps.

Step 4, check all the connections for shorts, opens and corrosion.

Step 5, try another balun.

WVBY is on channel 29. You have stronger signals on channels 31 and 33. That creates a possible 3rd order intermodulation. If that happens to be correct, attenuation is the cheapest fix for such interference. Filtering for channel 29 would be the best fix.
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