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2 Channels, same distance/direction, different reception

Ok, first, here's the link:

Next, here's the issue. Both WVBT (Fox 43.1) and WAVY (NBC 10.1) are 24.3 miles away at 191 Magnetic. Antenna is set on top of the garage level of the house (lower of the two levels) but the direction of the antenna off the side of the garage (direct line of sight to 191 mag).

Third, my antenna: Wingard HD 7015. I have one splitter outside the house (protected in my cable box) going to two different lines.

WAVY comes in beautifully (except when the planes fly directly overhead) as do all my other local channels. WVBT? No so good. It comes in sporadically, if at all. Very disturbing, especially during football season (I made the switch on Super bowl weekend, I was not much fun to be around Sunday).

I was thinking signal booster, but since all the other channels come in just fine (especially WAVY, same distance/direction), I was thinking that was not a valid solution. Any suggestions?

Thanx all.
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