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Originally Posted by sudheeshb View Post
I managed to get Antenna Direct ClearStream 4V just for testing. I placed the antenna in some random location ( around 10 feet above the ground ). It was able to pull NBC ( 11.1 and 11.3 ) and KICU ( 36.1 ) with out any issues. Fox and CBS doesn't work most of the time and I see heavy signal loss ( blocking artifacts ) most of the time.
KICU is your strongest signal. It is coming from the south. You have two NBCs. One from KSTS coming from the south on UHF and a weaker one from KNTV on VHF from the west. The "V" of the ClearStream 4V is the horizontal rod antenna for VHF-High channels 7-13.

I will try with HD7694P. I don' t think I need any VHF channels. I am interested mainly in Fox, CBS, ABC, PBS and NBC.
Yes, I agree you don't need any VHF-Low channels 2-6 with the red band in your report, but you might need some VHF-High channels 7-13 with the yellow band in your report.
I had sent the co-ordinates you to rabbit73. Thanks!
Thank your for the coordinates. I see a tree that might block signals from the south if your antenna is on the roof. I also showed you a satellite photo in the PM but I will not show it here unless you say it is OK to show it here.
The signal power in the tvfool report starts with -35.9db ( in the picture above). Some how it doesn't match with signal power that you have mentioned!
There are two ways to show the strength of a signal in a TVFool report. You can use Noise Margin (NM) in dB or Signal Power in dBm. KICU is very strong. A very weak signal would be KVIE-DT PBS real channel 9, virtual channel 6.1 in the red with a NM of 1.1 dB and a signal power of -89.7 dBm.

Interpreting Noise Margin in the TV Fool Report

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