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Thanks for replies OTAFAN, rabbit73!.

I managed to get Antenna Direct ClearStream 4V just for testing. I placed the antenna in some random location ( around 10 feet above the ground ). It was able to pull NBC ( 11.1 and 11.3 ) and KICU ( 36.1 ) with out any issues. Fox and CBS doesn't work most of the time and I see heavy signal loss ( blocking artifacts ) most of the time.

I will try with HD7694P. I don' t think I need any VHF channels. I am interested mainly in Fox, CBS, ABC, PBS and NBC.

I had sent the co-ordinates you to rabbit73. Thanks!

The signal power in the tvfool report starts with -35.9db ( in the picture above). Some how it doesn't match with signal power that you have mentioned!
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