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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
WFSB was co-channel with WCBS on UHF 33 causing much of southern CT and parts of the Hudson valley .to suffer the loss of either or both stations.

I'd suspect you're experiencing a temporary reprieve due to WCBS having to run off an auxiliary antenna at lower power while the permanent system at 1WTC is completed. Once they are able to go to full power, their co-channel interference may well be enough to knock out WFSB again. Post re-pack, they're now both on UHF 36. Doh!

If Tower Guy drops by, he can probably provide more background since he worked "next door".

OK. If WCBS is currently running at reduced power that MIGHT explain it. However this makes for something weird happening..

NYC transmitters are due South from my house. If I point my UHF antenna in the southern direction, I see only two signals in the entire UHF spectrum: WVIT (the signal is strong enough to pick up off the side of the antenna) and WMHT Pok (off of the back-end). I get NO signals from the South.
This makes sense as there are several LARGE mountains and 7 of my neighbor's houses between me and the transmitters (I'm in a big dip in the road).
To get ANYTHING from NYC I need to install a 100ft tower in my backyard (to which the Boss has said "NO" to )

If what I was experiencing before repack was co-channel, then somewhere in the East there is something reflecting WCBS at the right strength and phase to null out WFSB. And ONLY doing this during mostly daylight hours!

If when WCBS gets back to full power, WFSB disappears again, then I guess that (reflected) co-channel is the answer.
Is there any web page that I can monitor WCBS's status?

The other mystery that will probably NEVER be solved is WHY the FCC placed both these stations on the same channel (TWICE!)..

Thanx for the info.

Richard Rosa
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