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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
This tells us several important lessons. Broadcast television stations
frequently have issues which affect reception. They are not in any big
hurry to get their OTA signal back for viewers. They often don't even
inform viewers of any issues they are having. Finally, when reception
is lost or problematic on one channel, don't always assume it is YOUR
Hi Joe.

Yes, it seems that they have more long-distance problems now than when they were still analog. As I found out, channel 8 here was still transmitting but on low power after the lightning strike, which didn't do me any good being so far away.

All the TV transmitters in Rochester are on Pinnacle Hill, so when there's a storm/lightning, etc. often more than one goes out, as was the case this week when PBS went out along with 8. But PBS got back on fairly quickly.
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