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So then the copper ground wire could be buried from the point it leaves the antenna/mast all the way to the main electrical box. 'Or' maybe, you are saying, it is optional to leave it above ground through part of the journey to the electrical box and then bury it around such areas as my patio out back? So the elevation of the ground wire does not 'have' to remain the same height throughout the link back to the electrical box? Is that right?

Also, what about the rotator wire? I am not aware of that being able to be grounded to a ground block (unlike the coax line). So does that rotator wire just get left out of all of this?

Second, I agree with your assessment of having everything tied in with the main electrical ground if I can make it happen. I know this is what you advocate and nothing else. However, I would be curious to know your thoughts on my earlier question. Is it your position that grounding the mast and coax only (without being tied in with the main electrical), is at least better than no ground at all? Or is it your position that this scenario is worse than no ground at all?

If you could share your thoughts on these specific questions, I would appreciate it. Thanks again.

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