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You can try a Channel Master CM3410 distribution amplifier to boost the signal strength.

Try and get the CM3410 closer to the antenna.

The CM3410 is not water proof.

So keep it out of direct weather.

Most attics have electric power to plug the CM3410 into.

Can run the coax from the antenna into the attic to the distribution amplifier in the attic and then back out again from the distribution amplifier.

Or some other way you can do it.

It is best to amplify the signal closer to the antenna then at the furtherest end of coax from the antenna.

Amplifiers Do Not 'Pull' signal through coax. Amplifiers Do Not work like a vacuum cleaner motor.

So it is better to have the CM3410 closer to the antenna were the the signal is stronger and can be made stronger by the CM3410 distribution amplifier.

From a certain point of view one might say that a amplifier pushes a stronger signal through the coax.
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