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This is all offered in the spirit of being helpful...

You need to post a TVFool report to get definitive help.

A summary of what I've seen so far:

Yes, the Fracarro's published gain, as determined by their modelling, is a bit better than antennas like the 91-XG. published gain, as determined by AD's modelling.

No, there's not been any independent modelling of the Fracarro yagis.

Will the Fracarros hold up better to the elements than others? No one really knows, yet.

Does X, Y, or Z property of the Fraccaros make them better for you? This is a tough call. Post your TVFool analysis to see what your antenna gain requirements are. At that point, we can help you in the cost/beneft analysis.

Eventually, you need to buy something. All of us at a distance don't have any direct experience with the Fracarros, so we can only give you suggestions.

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