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It turns out the co-channel interference I was worried about with KECI and K14IU-D never turned out to be any issue since K14IU-D is so much stronger. This really is do to I think a mess up by tvfool since I'm getting 100% signal with the UHF Antenna at only 20' above ground. I had to set it up this way since KECI was very weak and DISH recently lost carrier rights with KECI in Missoula. So My next issue is an actual adjacent channel issue that turns out only happens when there is an inversion or extreme cold IE 10 degree's or colder. The channels are KPAX-DT which is on real channel 7 but Virtual Channel 8.1 which in the right conditions is low enough in signal strength that it fights with K32EU which is actually broadcast on 7.1 real channel 8 (tvfool lists the virtual channel as 32.1 which is incorrect). Is there a way to block out K32EU? Or do I need to add a second AntennaCraft y10-7-13? If I need to add this second Antenna would I mount is next to the current or above/below the one I'm already using? One other question in regard to UHF antenna's, I've heard the bay style antenna's work better for 2Edge then Yagi? If this is true can anyone recommend which was to consider/avoid? I was considering the Solid Signal HDB8X or the Channel Master CM4228HD since the DB8 appears to work better for channels over 40 and my highest UHF channel is real channel 23.

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