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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post

Several members have asked that you be banned from the forum because your posts can be antagonistic and repetitive. You don't seem to be reading what the post is about, you just blurt out stuff about your setup. It seems you want everybody to know that you have a big tower and lots of antennas. You should have your own forum.

Your constant complaining about AD Tech irritates us all as he is a helpful member of this forum and usually does most of his posting on his own time.

In addition you may not think so, but your capitalizing, punctuation and spelling are atrocious. In this day and age of electronic posting, several spell check devices are available.

I could copy and paste some of my favorite quotes but that's not the purpose of my post here. Several complaints have been sent to the administrators who have been quite lenient, I might add.

You seem to want to have your name on every Forum post intend to go off topic. One need only to look at the summary of the forums everyday to see that your name is on every post. You seem to want to have the last word.

Do you actually think complaining to the FCC would do anything? Remember this is a private forum not a government forum. If you do talk to the FCC will you also ask them to give us our channels back?

ASK FOR BROADCASTING channel's back!!!
For you some one hoo lied and starting trouble with ME.!!!
Do not think so and still looking for trouble will some one
PLEAS!! BAND this guy!!forum the form,thanks again Rabbit ears 73,TRIP!!!
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