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Newbie wants to combine antenna

Hi all,

I'm new here and I could find the info I needed in my searches, so here is my question.

First off, here is my signal sheet:

I just got an HD tv and I assembled a DIY coat hanger antenna. I installed the antenna in the attic and the signal I receive is satisfactory, I seem to be able to receive up to 75 miles. But my problem is, there are two directions that broadcast the channel I would like to watch. My main direction would be 280 degree mag (about 13 miles) since it offers the french channel, but there is also the 175 degree mag (about 75 miles) that offers the US channel.

I assembled a second coat hanger antenna, but now is there a way to combine them both to receive all the signals?

Or would an omnidirectional antenna fit my need (100+ degree span with 75+ miles distance)?

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