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Originally Posted by jan3 View Post
An update to your transmitter database...

Due to budget cuts two PBS transmitters in Virginia have been cut off, WMSY in Marion, Virginia...

WMSY-DT (Digital)
Channel: 42 (52.1)
Network: PBS
Max ERP: 100 KW
Coordinates: 36.902059, -81.542061 (WGS84)

...and WSBN in Norton, Virginia.

WSBN-DT (Digital)
Channel: 32 (47.1)
Network: PBS
Max ERP: 100 KW
Coordinates: 36.898155, -82.622381 (WGS84)

I am not sure if links are allowed in the forum, but you can just google "Blue Ridge PBS turns off towers" to verify the shutdowns.

Thanks for posting I hadn't heard of this. This kind of sucks, I'd bet there aren't a whole lot of available channels over the air in that locale (I am not sure, I'm imagining it is in the "hollers" near border of NC /WV parts). They have bad enough reception now less channels over the air, which is pathetic, because more and more people are relying on sole over the air channels for their TV watching. Conversely, here is a snippet from an article that was posted in 2012 by the stupid justice Alito: "Samuel Alito, talked about how rapidly technological change has effectively consigned vinyl records and 8-tracks to the scrap heap, suggesting that in a rapidly changing universe, time will take care of the dispute. Already nearly nine of 10 households subscribe to cable or satellite television and viewers can switch among broadcast and other channels with a button on their remote controls." Idiot. By the way, that was in an article concerning a debate for and against FCC regulations on obscenity. Justice Scalia, God Rest His Soul: "Justice Antonin Scalia placed himself on the side of the government. "These are public airwaves. The government is entitled to insist upon a certain modicum of decency."
Now look at it- stations are out of money, the government's out of money- funny considering they sold huge chunks of OUR yes our public airwaves to the highest bidders, which should have been illegal in the first place. Once you sell that golden goose...

I'd bet that an extremely small percentage of Americans even read that article when it was posted, lesser few understood FCC regulations and how it protects them, and so on. We as a public get what we deserve, but half of the fault lies in our education system (also sold out) for creating a generation of dolts and robots who merely repeat what they've heard and do what they're told.
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