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Originally Posted by Pete Higgins View Post
Do you remember how far apart you mounted the Winegard YA-1713’s in post 20?
The YA-1713 were mounted 43 inches apart.

This particular stack spacing provided highest signal strength for Channel 13, it will probably different for other channels. Best spacing will be different for other types of antennas.

Signal strength varies slowly vs stack spacing so stack spacing for gain is not very critical (within a few inches at upper VHF).

...bought a 10’ chain link fence top rail. I’ll try it in the Radio Shack rotor...
The rotor may need a bearing to take side stress of it.

Don't know, maybe something like a NTE TB-105?

Maybe you have something like this already. From the YA-1713 photo, can't be sure how your rotor is mounted.

You just have to keep showing me pictures of those beautiful CM-4251’s don’t you.
Guess so, those antennas are a bit different.

Saw someone, located in California, posted a photo of a CM-4251. So guess Channel Master did some marketing there. Maybe you can locate one some day.

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