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Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
Thanks Scott. Seeing all the channels you receive with out using your rotor, I'm thinking that I may just go with one of the fixed direction antennas. I have a feeling it will do well at this location, even with the large oak trees.

Now to chose a really good directional antenna. Still so many choices
I'm guessing that price & antenna size is no guarantee on choosing what might be the best. I don't mind spending more to get an antenna that tends to rank high in results.
When looking at antenna choices, be aware that every station in your area is on the UHF band (14-51). For example, WXII uses virtual ch 12 (displayed on your tv tuner). But the real frequency is RF31. These changes occurred after the digital/HD conversion with television.

You don't need to be too concerned with this information. However, I just point it out in case someone asks you if you want (or need) a VHF/UHF antenna or just a UHF antenna. In my particular case, I chose a UHF only antenna b/c I was trying to keep the size down while still getting a long range antenna--for the out of market Charlotte stations that I wanted to receive. And presently, there is not a single station broadcasting on the VHF band that I could receive at my location.

While the broadcast stations in this area (and Charlotte) primarily use UHF, (WTVI Charlotte is the only VHF exception I can think of)....just be aware that there is always the possibility that the FCC could send some stations 'packing' in the future. If that ever happens, some of these stations could be forced to relocate back to the VHF band (2-13). I hope that will not happen b/c the HD broadcast signals do not always perform well in VHF...particularly low band VHF. That has been demonstrated on other areas. But if changes do occur in the future, I would possibly have to make other arrangements for my setup.
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