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still one the best antennas

At sub-GHz frequencies it's easier to build high aperture antennas in panel, curtain and Yagi forms
That is true, but I do think a
parabolic has some qualities (over an 8 bay or similar antenna) that aren't
readily noticeable. Such as I think a parabola is more tolerant of hot/dead
spots than an 8 bay. If the 8 bay is half in a hot spot and half in a dead spot
the ~4 elements in the dead spot are parasitic and actually transmit some
of the signal back in to space (beyond the normal reflection of SWR).
Where if half the parabola is in a hot spot more of that signal is trapped
and loses less signal to the dead spot (IMHO)
This page explains the effect better than I can
under "Why this 16-bay antenna might not work".
Also SWR is very good compared to 8 bays I've seen models of
(SWR >3 near the ends of the band)
yagis rarely have flat response across uhf and curtains are pretty narrow band.
Opposing opinions welcomed
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