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Still missing KCNC and KWGN? 30 and 35 real channels.

Do you know the manufacturer and model number of your antenna?

How long have you been using this antenna?

I'm wondering if there was a slight loose connection and it has now been corrected. Also, if you are getting certain signals at a specific time of day either every day or most days, that is usually due to atmospheric conditions. I ran into this at a former house I had outside of Kansas City. Every morning I would receive Ch. 17 out of Columbia during the warmer months. But it would be gone by late morning. But then it would reappear overnight and into the morning hours again the following day. It was a weak 2 edge signal with a Noise Margin of about 1.0

If you can move your antenna around you may want to try it in different spots. That can make all the difference with some digital signals. Trees may be impacting the signals or another house or taller structure nearby.
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