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Originally Posted by Billiam View Post
Specifically which stations are still coming in? Need to see if they are all the closest channels to your location or by signal strength?

Since you seem to have lost some of your green signals as well, weather may not be the issue.

Did you use electrical tape to wrap the Coax connection at the antenna and entry point into the house? I've learned over the years that coax cable, even if tightened well, can become loose at the connecting point with the Balun due to wind and other cable movement. Using a waterproof electrical tape will help keep the cable connector from becoming loose or unscrewing.
These are all the stations we're getting right now: 6.1-3, 24.1-5, 59.1-6.

This morning we were getting about 35 stations including 9.4, now it's back down to these few.

I'm not sure about the electrical tape but we'll do that and check the connections.
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