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Tv Reception.

A Teleview Recommendation for Tv Reception.

Is not a deal killer. Looks good to me for reception.

They are young trees , not much leaves and young trees are easy to trim the top off.

Mount the antenna so the hot gasses out the top of the chimney do not come come in direct close contact with the plastic parts of the antenna or the connecting metal parts of the antenna.

Avoid mounting over the top of the actual chimney pipe.

The hot gases are corossive and will shorten the life of the antenna.

If possible , mount the antenna over to side away from the chimney pipe and have the antenna about 3 feet above the chimney pipe.

The decarotive slats of the outside of the chimney will most likely not hold the antenna.

Needs to be something substantial behind the slats to bolt in to with these type of mounts ,

Also keep the mounts far apart to reduce the twisting and side to side leverage of wind force movement on the , antenna , mounting mast pipe , mounting brackets.

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