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Pittsburgh, PA Antenna Users


I am trying to connect with other antenna users in my area. ZIP is 15086 and is located about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. I am in between two reception areas, well actually three. I of course can get all of the PGH stations and most of the Youngstown, OH area except 33.1(comes and goes). The Wheeling, WV channel 9.1 and 9.2 come in really no matter how I point the antenna.

I have received channels from other OH cities. WEWS TV for example. It worked at 80% signal strength for 3 days and then never again. states the channel at being over 99 miles away, but I have read that it is nearly impossible to receive a channel that far away because of the curve of the earth.

The kicker is I was using an antennacraft HBU-33 with a preamp. I have added a distribution amp because I am running 5 TVís. I also added a second antenna (Winegard HD-7697P) and pointed it to the direction of these channels.

Both antennas are preamped and distribution amped, AB switched, and mounted above the roof line (on the same pole separately).

The antennas are independent of each other.

Here are my coordinates:

Hopefully some responds. I would like to compare notes.

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