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We do appreciate a "thank you," but we need to hear how it worked out to know if out advice was accurate.
Well, after my last post, I made a mast out of 2 sections of chain link fence top rail bolted together. It was supported by a brick paver buried 2 feet under ground and a bracket on the eave. It put the antenna at about 18 ft. I located the mast on the back side of my old house near the south east corner to be far enough from the power line. I grounded it to the house main ground rod with 10 ga. bare copper wire.

It worked well enough on 2 sets. However, channel 10 (WALA) was hit or miss. My wife had to have that channel, so I disconnected one set as she didn't want to spend anymore money on it. Even then it would go in and out. Every other channel worked great.

I still think it was mainly due to lack of elevation and blocked signal. I also had multipath due to a nearby airport. Perhaps more mast height or a larger antenna would have pulled it off.

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Please start a new thread for that location, and include a TVFool signal report. The new database for signal reports has some errors, often with missing channels, but it's a good start.
Will do.
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