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Antenna selection for very near towers

Hi, I am moving to Montréal just a mile south of the stadium.

I will be in an apartment building 4ft above ground level. I bought a EyeTv Hybrid tuner for my mac and I am looking into buying an antenna. For now I'd prefer to go with an indoor antenna.

I would like to get the locals :

I guess I should go with a non-amplified antenna since the towers are very near? Also I am wondering if I choose a directional antenna heading Mt-Royal (216°) if I will pick-up TQ which is 1 mil north on the stadium (356°)

The 216° heading is pretty much through my patio door, but the street as a lot of trees and building are very dense. (Well, Montréal)

For antenna I have looked at the TERK HDTVi indoor antenna (Directional non amplified (also available amplified)) and at the RCA ANT1500 (Flat multi-directionnal). Both are VHF/UHF capable. I find those interesting for there price, aesthetics and availability.

In a second step I am wondering what kind of equipment I would need to get the US stations (On Mt Mansfield I think), especially FOX. I might be able to arrange something with the owner for a rooftop antenna so i'm open to suggestions but indoor is preferred if possible.

Thank you for your time and advices,
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