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> Tower Guy - Did you really buy RG-8?

I looked at my cable cache again and see boxes of RS RG-6U and some cable I picked up at an estate sale. The RG-8 came from the sale, unused, on a spool and that was all I looked at when I posted. But your right, I'll be using the RG-6U.

JoeAZ - You misread my post. I never mentioned using a rotator on the Winegard 7698. Quote from my OP, "I never used the 7698P on a rotator."

The antenna sits low to the roof but gets excellent reception from NYC even though I've aimed it towards Long Island in hopes of getting WLIW. In this case a rotator isn't necessary, less wind loading & icing issues with a short mast and no rotator, and easy to work on (I can stand on the lower roof below it to work on it).

The rotator is used (needed) for the UHF pointing toward Philly. I only need UHF. VHF channels 3, 6, 10 in Philly are the same broadcast as 2, 7, 4 in NYC so I never bother with them. But things are more spread out in that direction vs NYC, so I need a rotator to pull in everything.

Just trying to find the better choice in UHF antennas to replace the one I now have.
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