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I do not fully understand your situation. You have a Winegard 7698 on a rotor and keep it pointed at NYC???? You have a UHF only antenna pointed toward Phil??? You want to know how to improve your reception and which UHF only antenna would be best for Phil??? I am certain if you asked 100 people, you would get 100 different solutions to your situation. I do not understand why you object to a rotor? Is it the slow speed of rotation and delay? A UHF only antenna is not an appropriate choice for NYC or Phil. Both markets have VHF which requires a VHF antenna. Phil has Rf 6 which is WPVI, ABC. You need an antenna capable of low band VHF to receive that channel properly. Raising the 7698 may or may not help your situation.
If you can get above the nearby tree line, so much the better. For your Phil stations, a channel master 3018 or RCA 3036 would be a good choice.

You cannot interconnect two VHF/UHF antennas. They have to be connected separately to your televisions. An A/B switch might be a possible solution or a separate tuner for one of the antennas. Again, there are many possible solutions to your situation. I have identified one that I believe gives you a
good chance of success.....
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