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Question Winegard HD7697 in attic

Hello again.

I had previously posted inquiring if the RCA ANT751 would suffice for attic placement in lieu of a strong and favorable TV report...a couple of responses make me think I should just go with something stronger to ensure success from the first try.

I live chatted with a tech from solid signal and they recommended the Winegard HD7697 with a Winegard 39" J mount if I wanted to stick with an attic placement. They mentioned that although I do have strong signal to begin with, the fact that it's in the attic and would be connected to a total of 3-4 tv's may substantially decrease signal strength.

It seems like a reasonable choice and not terribly expensive. Anyone have any experience with this antenna?

By the way, the tv report shows I'd be receiving channels 7-58 with signal Nm(dB) numbers in the 60-30 range and signal Pwr(dBm) numbers in the -30 to -56 range.....all clustered at 26 miles away, 261deg magnetic.

Thanks for any advise!
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