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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Hi Dagwood! Hope you are enjoying your nice summer weather!

My experience tells me that reception will depend mostly on the trees nearest to the home. I think the reports from TV fool and Rabbitears are erroneous. In order of reception likelyhood:

1. WPXJ Batavia due to antenna height/distance
2/3 WHEC/WHAM due to hi VHF penetration
3-5 WROC, WUHF and WXXI due to proximity.

The rest:
WKBW/WGRZ due to elevation of transmitter site Syracuse stations due to less dense trees in that direction.

A large VHF/UHF antenna up as high as possible will yield the best results. Possibly a VHF antenna aimed at WHEC/WHAM and a UHF antenna aimed

Finally, Have you gotten WROC, WXXI and WUHF
more reliably????
Hey Joe! I hope all is well with you. Yes, the weather is great here -- for a while yet.

Yes, channel 51 from Batavia is his strongest signal, as noted in my post to Rabbit above.

As for me: I'm sure all you guys here are aware of the mandated changes some channels had to do recently. There was little to no warning for us -- all of a sudden no signal.

One of my weaker stations, channel 8, was out for days because they switched to partial power during the switch-over. But when it came back on, they are now one of my strongest stations. Something about the new frequency penetrating out farther.

One of the other stations had to put up a new antenna, which they had on-site, but the crane they had wasn't big enough for the job, lol. But they got through it eventually. They were at partial power also, but I could still get them off and on meantime.

Last point: A year or two ago I had posted about a signal problem I was getting ONLY with channel 13. Then I found that if I monkeyed with the coax terminal on the TV it would come in okay, and someone here said that yes, it's possible the problem could be the cable, even though it only affected one channel.

So recently I was having that problem again, but ONLY with the living room TV; bedroom was okay. So I replaced that length of coax and the problem went away.

You guys are amazing -- thanks again to all for the help.

PS: I have not gotten stuck on the roof again with wind blowing the ladder down.
Everything from the roof down to the TVs was installed new in 2011.
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