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lost channels from Roanoke VA

I used to get those channels 3,18,17,30,36 Yellow from the North, outside Roanoke, VA (I 'm pointing from NC). The antenna yagi 91xg used to get'm from behind, the yagi was aiming to the south Greensboro.

Today I aim the 91xg and dont show. I got a little yagi to replace my Y5713. This antenna Mediasonic HW-27UV with 9 elements is doing a good job getting channels from outside Raleigh, NC 40miles and south Greensboro.

I using a channel master to boost the signal and I got a Winegard combiner. Antennas are 24ft outside, I live up on the hill.

How can I find out changes in those towers outside Roanoke, VA

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