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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
We don't really know what he would get because the signal reports assume that the antenna is in the clear and there are no TREES or buildings in the signal path. He will just have to try it.

My guess is that he has a good chance of getting a few of the strongest ones at the top, but it isn't possible for me to give a guarantee.

Again, the terrain blocks the signal even before it gets to the TREES.
Thanks for all your help, Rabbit. I will print some of these images and give them to him.

FWIW: He is a 78 year-old lunch buddy that lives a couple miles north of me. He had some analog reception back in the day but hasn't bothered with any of it since digital. But as your posts show, channel 51 was the strongest and he said he did used to get it.

Just recently, another lunch buddy gave him a small antenna and a good length of coax to try out. I told them both about this site and how well it can predict signal strength no matter where you live.

So now we know that he's out of luck, at least with this small antenna he has.
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